On the third Wednesday of each month, our members & community leaders share their experiences and provide sound professional advice.

The HPWA members get together for Personal and Professional Development Workshops and enjoy extensive sessions with experts in a wide variety of fields from sales and finance to personal development. Through these events, HPWA raises funds for our scholarships and recognizes the leadership of women in our community.

On average, we have 60 to 70 members and non-members attending every event. Every time we have a keynote speaker that shares information such as financial, health, accounting, legal, personal development, goal setting, taxes, etc.  These social/educational/business events are held on the third Wednesday of every month.  For a complete calendar please check



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We host events monthly and we alternate them from a luncheon or evening event so our members and guests have different schedules to choose from.  On average we have 50 to 70 members and non-members attending every event. These social/educational/business events are being held on the third Wednesday of every month.  For a complete calendar and additional sponsorship opportunities please do not hesitate to email